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Hauling Specialized Materials: Examples and Best Practices

What is Specialized Transport?

Many types of debris and materials that need to be dumped or hauled for agricultural, construction, or other uses fall outside of the realm of traditional materials due to their size, shape, or category. Hauling specialized materials doesn’t need to be complicated if you’ve got a reliable dump truck or dump trailer, but there are things to consider.

Customize a dump trailer for hauling specialized materials in the Midwest.


No matter what you are hauling, safety should always be at the forefront of considerations. All of the typical safety guidelines apply to hauling specialized materials, along with some additional recommendations:

  • Always know the weight you are hauling and don’t exceed weight limits of your dump truck or dump trailer.
  • Select the right type of dump trailer for the materials you are hauling, especially if your load includes semi-liquids.
  • Inspect your dump trailer regularly to be sure it’s fully operational.
  • Follow any guidelines regarding hazardous materials that are included in your haul and make sure they are transported and dumped properly.
  • If your load includes any hazardous materials, make sure anyone handling the materials has taken any applicable training courses and certifications. 
  • Use a tarp system to avoid leakage of hazardous materials. 

Hauling Specialized Materials Examples

Though specialized materials can really be just about anything that is heavy, large, or has restrictions that apply, some items are more common than others. 

Aggregate and Gravel Hauling

The construction industry uses a large quantity of materials like gravel, rock, dirt, and sand. These materials need to be brought to building sites as well as hauled away from them when clearing sites. Special dump trailers are needed that can handle large amounts of fine materials.

Agricultural Products and Bulk Commodities

Some industries must regularly haul large quantities of bulk items that are not packaged, such as grains, cement for construction, or some types of chemicals. This type of hauling is common in the agricultural industry as well as in manufacturing or construction. These items usually qualify as specialized transport because of volume.

Recycling and Waste Materials

Demolition projects often generate large amounts of waste that can and should be recycled. This debris is often large and bulky and will need specialized transport to be loaded and disposed of safely. This could include building fixtures and frames and construction materials.

Dump Trailers For Hauling Specialized Materials In The Midwest

It’s essential to use secure methods for transporting specialized materials. Contact us for a free quote on side dump trailer rental and purchase.