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Materials You Can Haul in a Side dump trailer In Sioux City, NE

Side dump trailers offer great versatility. They can haul almost anything if it’s the correct weight. They can haul dirt, garbage, sand, and many other items with ease. Dump trailers are designed with superior stability, safety, and technology for more accessibility and safe unloading of materials. At side dump industries, we pride ourselves on offering top-quality services to our customers all over the world by producing efficient trailers that are dependable. Whether you’re looking for a side dump trailer for hauling dirt, gravel, broken concrete, debris, sand, rock, or lumber, our side dump trailers allow you to deliver your load with precision. If you want to learn what you can haul with your side dump trailer, read on to find out.

Semi-liquid and fine materials

Their watertight tub designs allow side dump trailers to haul waste sludge out of processing facilities or manure from animal confinements. The load will safely and conveniently be transported to the work site without leaking on the road or worksite drives. Fine materials, including ag lime,  won’t blow out during transit when fitted with a mesh tarp system. Side dump trailers also make it easier to dump fine materials. Load placement during dumping is safer, easier, and more precise.

Durable Construction Aggressive Materials

Side dump trailers can work for any industry, the construction industry, to hail sand, gravel, rocks, and other materials. They’re efficient, versatile, and durable enough to withstand some of the smooth, aggressive construction materials. Most trailer tubs are made of steel or aluminum material which is wear-resistant, impact-resistant, string, and rust-resistant. To guarantee safety, the construction material being dumped starts falling off the top during the dump cycle. Two-thirds comes off before the remaining amount slides off the tub side. This makes it easier to dump safely with less weight remaining, meaning less wear on the tub.

Wet solids

Whether you’re hauling waste, manure, or other farm products, you can use side dump trailers to get the job done. Side dump trailers make it easy to dump your waste without having someone go in to scoop the last bits, as the trailer’s angle allows everything to be dumped effortlessly.

Bulky materials

Transporting bulky materials is a sure headache. The transit part may not be as problematic as the loading and unloading part. However, when it comes to side dump trailers, transporting bulky materials doesn’t have to be a hectic task. The dumping technology and angle promote the safety of the trailer and operators. Avoid wedging materials in the tub, as this can create an unstable situation.

Our Side Dump trailers are safe and stable

Side dump trailers are designed to dump materials safely without causing injuries or property damage. Our trailers are engineered to provide maximum safety, efficiency, and versatility. Their innovative design and performance allow them to handle any type of load. The rigged design ensures the trailer looks and feels sturdy for its next project. We also sell different sizes to meet your needs.

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Now that you know what side dump trailers can haul and their importance in different industries, why not get one for your business? Side Dump Industries has got a variety of trailers for various purposes. They come in different sizes and are the most versatile. To get one, contact your local dealer today or call us if you cannot find one in your area.