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What are Side Dump Trailers Used For?

Side dump trailers can unload whatever they are carrying faster than other types of dump trailers for the simple fact that their unloading capacity can be larger and the dumping mechanism is located on the side of it. These types of trailers tilt to the side to be able to dump various materials onto the ground or into tight areas. 

For example, if a load of lumber needs to be taken to a construction site that has very little space for a regular dump truck to back into and then raise the dumping mechanism high up in the air to dump the load, a side dump truck can be used instead since the entire back of the dump truck tilts to one side or another, causing the wood to fall into the area in which it is needed.

What are side dump trailers used for?

Choosing the correct side dump trailer is a very important decision for a multitude of different types of businesses, from construction businesses to trash haulers and stone haulers. To choose the correct one for the job that you need to use it for, you need to know which ones offer the features that you need as well as the types, makes, and models of side dump trailers that are strong, efficient, durable, safe, reliable, and are easy to use. Check out the detailed list below to learn about the features, types, and uses of a variety of side dump trailers and trailers that you may need for your business.

Side Dump Trailer Uses, Features, and Types

Dump Angle: 

You will want a side dump truck there is easy to load and can be loaded quicker from the side which means you need one with a greater dump angle, at least 50+ degrees. This means that any rock, dirt, sand, lumber, or any other material you are hauling to be dumped at a certain site will come out quicker with less materials sticking in the inside of the tub of the truck. tub.


You will need to know the strongest points of your site dump trailer, which will be the places in which the frame of it is supported, which should not be in the center. You will want a lighter frame and the ability to change the suspension when you need to while maintaining stability since that is a very crucial point.

Construction of the Side Dump Truck or Trailer: 

Parts that are bolted onto a side dump track are much easier to maintain and will save you money in the long run since you will be able to adjust, maintain, and replace any part easily, which is not the case if the parts are welded onto the trailer.


A lower center of gravity of your side trailer means that there will be more stability while the truck is on the road or at a job site.


You will want to choose a model that is easy to maintain and that allows the tub area and bearings to be oiled quickly and efficiently for the side trailer to work properly.

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