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About Side dump Industries

At Side Dump Industries (SDI), our team believes in the profitability and power that side dump trailers offer to our customers across countless industries. These include disaster and environmental clean-up, agriculture, heavy hauling, mining, demolition, grading and excavation, site prep, and road construction. This is because our professionals have developed the innovative side dump technology that’s being used across the U.S. today.

When you include a Side Dump Industries side dump trailer in your fleet, you can rest assured that you’ll receive durability and reliable performance, as well as the ability to leverage agile frameworks, which equates to efficiency and increased profits. That’s our commitment to you and our quality manufacturing mission!

Reliable Performance

Our Company

Over the years, we’ve continued to improve upon our original design, making it even tougher, more stable and with a greater dump angle for more efficient unloading. Our trailers are also more dependable and longer lasting, so you won’t have to worry about downtime for repairs.

When you add a Side Dump Industries side dump trailer to your equipment fleet, you’ll get reliable performance, durability and increased profits. That’s our quality manufacturing mission – and our commitment to you.


We have several sizes of side dump trailers available nationwide, including:

Side Dump

Our Side Dump model is the one that started it all. This unit delivers a combination of quality, performance, durability, and maneuverability whether you’re hauling lumber, debris, dirt, sand, broken concrete, gravel, or rock. Also, these trailers have the stability to distribute your cargo with precision, regardless of the material.

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Truck Box

The Truck Box equipment moves cargo up to 16 cubic yards and is versatile enough to be attached to traditional tractors. This option is ideal for precise load placement since the material can be dumped from both sides. The construction is consistent with the durability standards found on the full-size models while offering increased mobility and capacity.

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Ag Series

Side Dump Industries AG Series Pup trailer is designed to handle the agricultural market needs. This style of Side Dump is designed to be pulled with an AG tractor and withstand any stand thrown at it.

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Custom Trailers

We offer high side kits to maximize the volume of your tub allowing more product to be hauled. We customize trailer frame and tub lengths, suspension configurations, lift or steerable axles and other special add-on options. 

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Our Team

Our all-star team consists of engineers, manufacturing experts, and many other roles who have contributed to creating the high-quality and high-performing product you can expect from SDI. Each department works toward maintaining our company mission of developing and refining our products, so you have the power and profitability to haul your required cargo.