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Innovative Side Dump Trailers in the US

Side Dump Industries (SDI) leads the way with innovative design and performance in a wide range of side dump trailers…from full size quad axle trailers to mini trailers to extra capacity optional extras. Whether you’re working on road construction, site prep, excavation, demolition or landscaping, Side Dump Industries has the quality trailer to haul exactly what you need.

Contractor Series Side Dump Trailer

Our new contractor series has everything you need to work efficiently. Whether you’re a landscaper, construction manager, roofer, or farmer, our contractor series can help streamline operations and solve transport and dumping problems.

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side dump industries trailor

National Side Dump Trailer

Side Dump Industries (SDI) manufactures a variety of quality, performance-driven side dump trailers built rugged enough to handle whatever you need to haul…from rock, gravel, and broken concrete to sand, dirt, debris, lumber and more. Plus, SDI trailers have the stability to safely deliver your load with precision, no matter what you are hauling.

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truck box

National Truck Box Side Dump Trailer

Much like our side dumps, our truck boxes can also be customized and made to be removable, be mounted onto standard tractors with the ability to dump from both sides for any more convenience for our customers.

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agriculture off-road side dump trailers

AG Series

Side Dump Industries’ AG Series Pup trailer is designed to handle the agricultural market needs. This off-road trailer is built to stand up to any task thrown at it. With 100 KSI steel construction this trailer will not fail when put to the test of payload limits.

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custom side dump on tracks

Custom Trailers

If our standard configuration does not work for your application let us know! We can build custom
length trailers to fit your job. Axle spacing as well as axle quantities can also be designed around your

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Working with Side Dump Industries guarantees high-quality, innovative side dump trailer designs, smart constructions and easy maintenance. Find an authorized Side Dump Industries dealer in your area.

If you’re looking for the most efficient and versatile methods of transporting different load types, contact us for a FREE quote!

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