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National Side Dump Trailer Manufacturers

For decades, Side Dump Industries has been working to increase profitability and bring more power to our customers in an array of different industries. We provide everything from site preparation, demolition, heavy hauling, and mining to road construction, agriculture, disaster, and environmental clean-up, grading and excavation, and so many others.

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30+ Years of experience

We're transforming efficiency

About Side dump Industries

We pride ourselves on being the company that strives to bring the most innovative side dump technology to provide top-quality services to our customers throughout the world.

We are constantly striving to improve upon all of our original designs to make life easier for the people who depend on our company and the equipment we produce. We are working to make our side dump products more stable and tough than ever before to bring our customers the best products and more efficient unloading via our even more-defined dump angles. All of our trailers are more dependable and will last for years to come without the need for repairs that can be costly in both time and money for our customers.

Our Goals

  • Help your business succeed and increase your bottom line.
  • Innovative design focused on reliable performance, durability, and increased profits.
  • Provide high-quality and high-performing products, so you have the power and profitability to haul your required cargo.

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The Value we offer our customers

Our services

We pride ourselves on providing top-quality services to our customers throughout the world with our approach to innovative design and performance in a wide range of side dump trailers.

Side dumps

Side Dump Industries (SDI) produces an array of high-quality, side-dump trailers that are power and performance-driven. With the stability to safely deliver your load with precision with the ability to handle any type of material. We offer a wide range of sizes, including customized side dumps.

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Truck box

Much like our side dumps, our truck boxes can also be customized and made to be removable, be mounted onto standard tractors with the ability to dump from both sides for any more convenience for our customers.

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AG Series

Side Dump Industries’ AG Series Pup trailer is designed to handle the agricultural market needs. This off-road trailer is built to stand up to any task thrown at it. With 100 KSI steel construction this trailer will not fail when put to the test of payload limits.

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Custom Trailers

If our standard configuration does not work for your application let us know! We can build custom length trailers to fit your job. Axle spacing as well as axle quantities can also be designed around your needs.

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Innovation you can depend on

Why choose us?

Working with Side Dump Industries guarantees high-quality, innovative side dump trailer designs, smart constructions and easy maintenance. Find an authorized Side Dump Industries dealer in your area.

If you’re looking for the most efficient and versatile methods of transporting different load types, contact us for a FREE quote!

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what our clients say 

We want our customers to experience a rise in profits while receiving our reliable and high-quality products that offer durability, power, and performance. Our mission has been and will always be to provide our customers with the highest quality manufactured products possible.

I always recommend to my customers to use Side Dump Industries’ side dump trailers, as they are the most efficient equipment in the market, and their on-the-move turning capacity makes them very useful in our oil palm by-product composting processes in Latin America.

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