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National Truck Box Side Dump

Side Dump Industries’ Truck Box side dump hauls loads up to 16 cubic yards and can be mounted on standard tractors. Ideal for pinpoint load placement; the versatile, maneuverable Truck Box side dump can dump from both sides. Made with the same rugged sturdiness as our full-size side dump trailers, the Truck Box offers greater capacity and greater mobility on tight job sites. Plus, our Side Dump Truck Box can be custom built as a removable unit, and mounted above the Fifth Wheel Coupling, enabling the truck to serve dual functionality.

The Truck Box Side Dump is Perfect For

Road/highway projects
Landscaping jobs
Hauling rock, gravel, sand and dirt
Snow and debris removal

Standard Features

Bolted sub frame
50 degree dump angle*
24″ Dump distance from tires*
5 1/2″ hydraulic cylinders
8′-20′ tub made from Grade 100 steel
LED lights
Parker 60 Series Quick Couples
1/2″ high pressure hydraulic hoses
Two-way Hydraulic (required on tractor)
Dump to either side

* Depending on specified truck chassis