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agriculture off-road side dump trailers


Agricultural Industry

National Ag Series Trailer

Side Dump Industries’ AG Series Pup trailer is designed to handle the agricultural market needs. This off-road trailer is built to stand up to any task thrown at it. With 100 KSI steel construction this trailer will not fail when put to the test of payload limits.

The rugged suspension and floatation tires will perform over the roughest terrain while not compromising the trailers functionality.  The watertight tub allows all materials to be transported without leaking any of the payload.  From silage to rock this trailer will carry the payload without disappointment.

Standard Features

  • 100 KSI Strenx Steel Frame & Tub
  • 5-1/2” Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Spring Suspension
  • 25k Axles
  • Floatation Style Tires
  • Swivel Drawbar Clevis
  • Watertight Tub
  • Standard 24’ Tub Length (Special Lengths are available)

Low Maintenance

This style of Side Dump is designed to be pulled with an AG tractor.  The AG series is very low maintenance with few moving parts to operate.  Dumping can easily be switched from driver side to passenger side by the flip of the locking latches.  The two 5-1/2” bore cylinders dump the tub evenly from end to end and have plenty strength to dump any payload with ease.