What is the right Side Dump Trailer for the Field?

As a large-scale commercial farmer, your workload requires high-level equipment to make some tasks easier. One of these critical pieces of equipment you may want to invest in is a side dump trailer. You need rugged equipment that can handle off-road and last the longest time. A good dump trailer can safely and efficiently transport heavy materials, including farm produce, waste, and any other material.

At Side Dump Industries, we have always desired to produce trailers that increase your profits while bringing more power. So what is the right field side dump trailer for your farm? In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know to make an informed buying decision.

The Dump Trailer for Hauling Many Materials

At Side Dump Industries, we recommend buying a trailer that can haul many types of materials, from lightweight to bulky. That’s because field work may involve hauling soil today, and tomorrow, you’re hauling manure or poultry litter. Lightweight materials tend to bridge up on the belt trailers and stick at the end of the dump trailers, which can be time-consuming to remove and clean out. That’s why you should invest in our Side dump trailers, designed to minimize the need for manually cleaning the tub, increasing safety and efficiency.

If you haul lots of wet materials, you need a dump trailer with a watertight tub that puts it where it needs to be in a safe and efficient way. Our dump trailers have the features to help you maximize payload and stay stable on uneven terrain.

Side Dump Trailers Meet Any Ag Need

The agricultural industry is quite complex and broad. That means you need a side dump that is flexible to meet your needs. Farmers need useful, versatile side dump trailers to handle all their farm needs. Therefore, it’s no wonder that farmers visiting Side Dump Industries have specific preferences.

There are dump trailers designed for situations where the material you’re hauling has higher water content than average. Our trailers are also designed to dump the furthest away from the trailer as possible, like most trailers. This allows easy access to barriers and more accurate placement of materials. If you have a smaller farm, such a trailer could be a great option as they can still dump despite the small space.

Our Ag Series Trailers are also designed to maneuver around narrow, curvy, muddy, and rocky terrain to get in and out of the farm. You don’t have to worry about maneuverability and payload, as our trailers are equipped with the right technology to get you where you need to be. The trailer also remains stable when dumping.

Find a dealer near you!

Now that you know the importance of Side Dump trailers, why not get open for your farm? Side Dump Industries has different types of trailers designed for your specific needs. To book yours, contact our dealers near you or call us if you’re unable to find any.