Side Dump Trailer Valve Sourcing and Maintenance

Trailer valves play a significant role in your side dump’s operation. These small gadgets require precise placement and maintenance to ensure your new machine works optimally. If you’re unsure how to care for them, Side Dump Industries will be happy to explain. We have different types of side dump trailers, such as the side dumps, AG series, and truck boxes, which come in different sizes, designs, technologies, and features to fit your specific needs. We also do custom trailers if the standard configuration doesn’t work for your application. You can check out our website to view some of the best features you’d like in your new trailer for maximum use.

Trailer Valve Maintenance

Valves must be well maintained, whether mounted on your truck or trailer. Regular maintenance ensures that your trailer runs smoothly for the longest time. Make sure the valves are always clean, dry, and lubricated. We suggest adding a bit of air tool oil to the valves’ air shifter. Avoid using airline anti-freeze for trailer valves as it can react with lubrication and cause seals.

Valve Types for Side Dump Trailers

Side dump trailers use double-acting hydraulic cylinders, meaning either truck or trailer requires a directional control valve to reverse the hydraulic oil flow for the trailer to operate as designed. When deciding whether to place the valve on your trailer or truck, our team must assess your situation to come up with a precise decision. For instance,

If you operate a single truck for each side dump trailer, having the valve mounted as part of your truck wet kit is prudent. This connection has fewer parts between the valve itself and the control in the can. It is also the most straightforward and most efficient setup.

If you have fewer or operate more trailers than trucks, it’s wiser to mount your valve on the trailer. When you count the valve on the trailer, you can operate it from the cab through the air toggle valve. If your trailer has an electric over-air control box, you can operate it through the electric switch. Valves mounted in the trailer have more parts between the control valve and the switch in the truck.

Ensure Your Trailer Will Run Smoothly For Years To Come

At Side Dump Trailers, we use valves from well-known manufacturers. We assess valves and install them only when we’ve established that they’re safe and fit to perform the functions trailers are designed for. Upon your request, we will order special valves to meet your specific requirements. Such orders take longer to arrive, especially for new trailer makes, and longer lead times for replacement down the line. Therefore, we recommend assessing your needs and workload to make the right decision.

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At Side Dump Industries, we pride ourselves in producing the most innovative side dump technology for to-quality services throughout the world. We’re constantly working on improving all our original designs to fit modern styles and make life easier for you. Choose us today and find a dealer near you to place your order. You can also contact us for more information, questions, or custom needs.