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How Many Axles Should a Side Dump Trailer Have?

When it comes to side dump trailers, the only thing that matters as much as the size of the trailer is the number of axles it has. Because these two figures go hand in hand and determine both profitability and safety of your hauls, it’s important to choose the right number of dump trailer axles to match your trailer and load.

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Do dump trailer axles matter?

This simple answer to this is: YES, for lots of reasons!

Safety is a huge issue. The axle configuration you chose needs to be able to mechanically support the load weight and density of the side dump trailer. If not, one or more of the axles could become overloaded.

You also need to consider laws and regulations for dump trailer axles in your area. Trailer operators are at risk of fines and other legal penalties if they don’t comply with bridge laws. If you’re unsure what the limitations are where your trailer will be operated, the side dump trailer manufacturer can help.

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Axles configuration options

Dump trailer axles in the US come in so many different configurations, and what works for you today may not be right for your next hauling load. A good dump trailer dealer in South Sioux City NE will offer all the common standard axle configurations, but you might find that none of those options are suitable for your needs.

Ideally, the trailer manufacturer you choose will also offer custom trailer options that include less common dump trailer axles.

How To Choose A Dump Trailer Axle Configuration

Deciding between different types of dump trailer axles is not easy. In order to design the right side dump trailer, your trailer dealer will consider:

  • Where you operate geographically, to consider any laws in those places
  • What kind of work you do
  • What materials will be hauled in your side dump trailers
  • How much weight your side dump trailer will need to support

Choosing Single-Axle or Double-Axle Travel Trailers

Axle configuration also matters on travel trailers. Single axle trailers have one axle on each end and tandem (or double-axle trailers) have two axles on each end, close together.

Single axle trailers are simpler to operate, as they are smaller and lighter than tandem axle trailers. They are safe to use in most circumstances, but if you exceed the weight capacity, it isn’t advised to tow these trailers. Single axles travel trailers can also become dangerous and more difficult to control if a tire blows on them.

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