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Things All Dump Trucks Have in Common

Dump trucks have been in use for more than 100 years. Over the years, these trucks have maintained their structure and objective, but the motor and dumping technology has evolved to meet the present consumer needs. Today, they are loaded with complex machinery to achieve specific functions in different industries.

Whether you’re looking to buy a few dump trucks for your new company or simply want to learn how they work, Side Dump Industries is happy to help you know the functions and features of the trucks and, most importantly, know what they all have in common.

Types of Dump Trucks

Here are the different types of dump trucks.

Standard Dump Trucks

This is the typical dump truck you see on the roads every day or every other week collecting garbage outside your gate. It has a base frame or chassis with a mounted bed with a hydraulic ram on the front of the body for raising the bed. The back of the bed is connected to the back of the truck to allow the front part to raise and dump material.

Transfer Trucks

A transfer dump truck has a base similar to the standard dump truck and pulls a separate movable cargo trailer or container. The separated trailer is pulled within the body of the main truck. This allows them to carry various construction materials without sacrificing maneuverability.

End Dump Trucks/Trailers

This type of truck is available as a trailer or tractor-trailer combination. The trailer has its own hydraulic system, and the load is weighted more on the pulled container rather than the truck bed. While they can carry larger loads, they can be unstable, which limits where they can go.

Side Dump Trucks

The side dump truck consists of a tractor pulling like a trailer. This truck has a unique design that allows it to tilt the body onto its side so material can unload from the right or left of the truck. They allow rapid unloading and won’t tip over while dumping, like the end-up dump trailers. This trailer can also carry anything from sand to gravel and agricultural produce.

Tri-Axle Dump Trucks

These types of trucks are most commonly used for smaller loads. You can get this truck if your business operates in urban or suburban areas where you need to maneuver through tight spaces and narrow roads in busy streets.

Things Dump Trucks Have in Common

The most common thing about dump trucks is the big open box they all have. They’re also operated by hydraulics. A typical dump truck is fitted with an open box bed attached at the rear. The hydraulic rams help lift the front, allowing the material being unloaded to be deposited on the ground behind the truck.

Choosing a Dump Truck That Meets Your Needs

Now that you know the different types of dump trucks and what they have in common, your next step is to choose a suitable truck based on your needs. You can buy your truck from a dealer or find a used one online. At Side Dump Industries, we sell innovative side dump trailers in Sioux City, NE, and across America.

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