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Dump Trailer vs. Dump Truck

Suppose you own a company that requires transporting materials from one point to another, like a construction, agricultural, landscaping, or waste management company. In that case, you could benefit massively from equipment that loads and dumps material well. If it’s your first time getting dump equipment, you easily fall into a dilemma between getting a dump trailer or a dump truck. Both have the ability to tilt the cargo bed to release the material inside.

The main difference is their structure. Dump trucks are self-contained and self-sufficient, while dump trailers must be hooked into another vehicle to transport cargo. If you’re unsure which one to invest in, Side Dump Industries will help you make an informed choice by breaking down the difference between the two and listing the pros and cons of each.

Dump Trailers

Dump trailers are powerful and versatile tools. They come in multiple sizes to suit your business needs. Smaller trailers can maneuver tight spaces, while larger trailers can carry large-capacity loads like mulch or trash. Larger trailers are best for carrying heavy and tough materials like soil, gravel, sand, and metals.

At Side Dump Industries, we offer side dump trailers that can help you with anything from heavy hauling, demolition, site preparation, mining, agriculture, construction, environmental cleanup, excavation, grading, and disaster management.


  • They’re light in weight and easy to drive on sensitive landscapes like lawns and walkways
  • It’s cost-effective as it is cheaper than a dump truck
  • Available in versatile sizes to meet your business goals
  • You can use your trailer for virtually any application
  • Saves time when unloading cargo as it operates automatically
  • Has low bed height for smooth loading and unloading of items by hand
  • It comes in different styles, designs, and sizes


  • The overall cost of maintaining a dump trailer can be higher as it means servicing two vehicles.

Dump Trucks

Dump trucks have been around for more than 100 years. Since then, they have maintained their original structure and objective, but the dumping technology and power have massively improved over the years. Like dump trailers, dump trucks are also designed to transport almost anything. They’re available in different shapes and styles but follow the same concept of a powerful engine and big bed trailers attached and integrated as one vehicle.

Dump trucks can carry up to 14 tons. These are the largest, but you can get smaller ones based on your needs. Dump trucks have a powerful tipping mechanism for unloading the maximum load they’re designed to carry. Since they’re integrated as one vehicle, they are stable during tipping as the engine, and other vehicle dimensions are designed to work together.


  • They have a hauling capacity of 14 tons, meaning they can haul large and small loads.
  • They’re more stable during operations as all the systems are designed to work together.
  • They’re self-sufficient, meaning you don’t need to buy and maintain another vehicle.


  • Dump trucks are pretty expensive
  • They limit what you can carry as they can only carry what fits in the bed
  • Fewer choices when it comes to dump truck sizes, styles, and designs

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