Choosing Tires and Wheels for your Side Dump Trailer in Sioux City, NE

The wheels are the most significant components of any vehicle. The tires play a crucial role in harnessing the engine’s power and determining how well the car can go around a turn. When it’s time to replace your tires, you need to choose the right ones to ensure they’re equipped for the specific task you’re looking to perform. At Side Dump Industries, we work with you to ensure you get the right trailer for your specific business. We also ensure that your trailer has the right tires to serve you for a long time.

Factors to consider when choosing the tires

Before we talk about the best trailer tires, we need to consider various factors for finding the perfect tires. They include:

Load Rating

Every trailer tire has a limit to the amount of weight it can bear. Therefore, you must ensure you get a tire matching your load. The load range is usually indicated in letters from B to F. Tires in the B category are the ones that can bear the least weight, while in the F category tires take the most weight. Always keep in mind that a higher rating means high-quality and tough tires.

The Size

You also need to consider the size of the trailer tire. You have to be sure about the size before you buy to ensure it fits perfectly in your trailer. To find out the size, you will find a unique combination of numbers and letters on the trailers, which indicates the correct size.


A tire can be the right size and load, but it may not be compatible with your side dump trailer. It’s always prudent to check if the tire you choose has its manufacturer’s manual that provides all the information you need. If you cannot find the manual, you can ask your local mechanic for the necessary details.

You must make many other considerations based on the tasks you intend to perform with your sump trailer. You can work with us if you’re not sure what to check and what type of wheel to buy.

Popular Side Dump Tires

Standard tires and wheels, 11R22.5 Chip Cut Resistant Tire on a White Steel Wheel. Available options include 11r24.5, super singles, and aluminum wheels. Between the 11r22.5 and the 11r24.5, the 11r24.5 has a larger diameter, allowing a larger single max load on the tire.

Should You Opt for Super Singles or Double Tires?

  • Super single tires: Super single tires are single tires on each end of a trailer axle. They are less costly, meaning you can save significantly if you go with this option. Super singles are also suitable for on-highway applications and require less maintenance.
  • Dual tires: This is a pair of tires at each end of a trailer axle. They can increase costs but allow stability where super singles lack. Duals offer the reliability of getting to a shop in the event of a flat tire, as the second tire can pick up the load temporarily.

Aluminum vs. Steel Wheels

  • Aluminum: Aluminum wheels are used to save weight and are corrosion-resistant. Certain job sights are highly corrosive, and aluminum wheels are ideal.
  • Steel: Steel wheels are cost-effective and highly durable.

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